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U.S. Laws

Many states have laws regulating the use of slot machines. We encourage you to check with your local authorities to ensure you have the most current and accurate information regarding your state. The following information is provided for reference purposes only and may not be 100% accurate.

State: Age: Laws:
Alabama Prohibited Code of Ala 13A.12-27
Alaska All Legal N/A
Arizona All Legal ARS 13-3309
Arkansas All Legal N/A
California 25 years or older CA Penal Code 330.7
Colorado Pre 1984 Code of Ala 13A.12-27
Connecticut Prohibited CT Gen. Stat. 53-278a
Delaware 25 years or older 28 Del 904
Florida 20 years or older Fla. Stat. 849.235
Georgia Pre 1950 O.C.G.A. 16-12-24
Hawaii Prohibited -
Idaho Pre 1950 Idaho Code 18-3810
Illinois 25 years or older 720 ILCS 5/28-1
Indiana Prohibited Ind. Code 35-45-5-4
Iowa 25 years or older Iowa Code 725.9
Kansas Pre 1950 KSA 21-4306
Kentucky All Legal KRS 528.080
Louisiana 25 years or older La.R.S. 15:31.1
Maine All Legal N/A
Maryland 25 years or older MD Code Art. 27 264B
Massachusetts 30 years or older MA Laws Ch 271, 5A
Michigan 25 years or older MCL 750.303
Minnesota All Legal N/A
Mississippi 25 years or older Code Ann. 27-27-12
Missouri 30 years or older 572.125 R.S. Mo.
Montana 25 years or older Code Ann. 23-5-153
Nebraska Prohibited R.R.S. Neb. 28-1107
Nevada All Legal N/A
New Hampshire 25 years or older R.S.A. 647:2
New Jersey Pre 1941 N.J. Stat. 2C:37-7
New Mexico Prohibited Per Attorney Gen. '00
New York 30 years or older N.Y. CLS Penal 225.32
North Carolina 25 years or older Gen. Stat. 14-309.1
North Dakota 25 years or older Code 12.1-28-02
Ohio All Legal N/A
Oklahoma 25 years or older 21 Okl. St. 964
Oregon 25 years or older ORS 167.147
Pennsylvania Pre 1941 18 Pa.C.S. 5513
Rhode Island All Legal N/A
South Carolina Prohibited Code Ann 12-21-2710
South Dakota 25 years or older Cod. Laws 22-25-14.1
Tennessee Prohibited Code Ann. 39-17-505
Texas All Legal N/A
Utah All Legal N/A
Vermont Pre 1954 13 V.S.A. 2135
Virginia All Legal N/A
Washington 25 years or older Rev. Code 9.46.235
Washington DC Pre 1952 -
West Virginia All Legal N/A
Wisconsin Prohibited -
Wyoming 25 years or older Wyo. Stat. 6-7-101